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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - LLM

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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

The Master's program is open to graduates with sufficient background in law, especially those from central, eastern and south-eastern Europe, but also from other regions of the world.

The program is constructed to meet the needs of people seeking to establish or develop a career in field of the human rights or in related fields whether on the governmental or private level, both internationally, regionally or nationally, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and in the military, defence and policing sectors. Its primary appeal is to relatively recent graduates who have already commenced working in the relevant area. However, those who have had longer experience in the field wishing to develop, deepen or update their theoretical knowledge or acquire additional skills will benefit from the program. In addition, those pursuing and academic career (for example, prospective or current doctoral students or aspiring university teachers) will find the program equally useful.

Students are selected for the program competitively based on their university grades, previous experience and motivation. Sufficient ability in the English language is required. At least basic knowledge of public international law is also necessary for enrolment (in certain circumstances this requirement may be satisfied by taking a bridging course in public international law at the Viadrina European University before the commencement of the formal course program).