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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - LLM

Fees and scholarships

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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee is € 6.100 for LL.M. Program (full- and part-time study)

Enrolment in the program, attendance, and access to facilities and teaching materials including the internet platform for distance learning is dependent upon full payment of the applicable fee at the latest 3 months before the start of each semester.

The fee for the Diploma and Certificate Programs starting from the summer semester 2021 is € 5.580 and € 2.790 respectively.

The full amount of tuition fees should be paid before the beginning of the study.

Scholarships and financial assistance

Scholarships, stipends, or other forms of financial assistance may be available from external sources. Applicants in financial need are therefore very strongly advised to make their own efforts and inquiries (especially with relevant public institutions, NGOs, foundations, and large private institutions in their own country). The Viadrina is willing to assist applicants to obtain financial support from external sources where it is able to do so, either by providing suggestions or through a letter of support confirming the admission to the program.