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Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik - Annual Review of Law and Ethics



Melissa Lane

Introduction: The Political and Interpersonal Roles of Compensation: Bringing Ethics into Focus in Public and Private Law

Julia Moses

Accidents at Work, Security and Compensation in Industrialising Europe: The cases of Britain, Germany and Italy, 1870-1925

Zusammenfassung, Summary

Catriona McKinnon

Climate Change and Corrective Justice

Zusammenfassung, Summary

Claire Grant

Compensation and the Exercise of Rights

Zusammenfassung, Summary

Janet McLean

Damages and Human Rights: A Changing Relationship Between Citizen and State?

Zusammenfassung, Summary

Paul Bou-Habib

Torts, Markets, and Equality

Zusammenfassung, Summary

Daniel Squires

The Consequences of Public Authority Negligence Liability

Zusammenfassung, Summary