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Food Security, Food Safety, Food Quality

Food Security, Food Safety, Food Quality ©Nomos Verlag

Härtel | Budzinowski

Food Security, Food Safety, Food Quality

Today security, quality and the availability of food are very important. These complex relations of the above mentioned issues evole in different fields of law. The book published by Ines Härtel and Roman Budzinwoski covers a wide range of topics via analysis and discussion in the European context, such as the right to food, Common Agricultural Policy, contractual relations and value chains in the agri-food sector, organic farming, food production safety issues, questions of food labelling, Health Claims, Novel Food, Patents, the role of institutions such as EFSA, the responsibility of trade and CSR. Legal frameworks, essential concerns and fu-ture developments of food security, food safety and food quality are the basis for discussion and solution finding.

With contributions by:
Prof. Dr. Ines Härtel, Prof. Dr. Roman Budzinowski, Adam Zielinski, Dr. Katarzyna Leskiewicz, Christian Thomas, Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesolowska, Krzysztof Ró¿anski, Christina A. Flaskühler, Dr. Johanna Monien, £ukasz Sokolowski, Mathias OIbrisch, Daniel Brandauer, Johan Fried Stoepker, Jan Hindahl, Dr. Izabela Lipinska, Anne-Kristin Mayer, Dr. Anna Kapala, Dr. Aneta Suchon, Hanna Schmelz, Elisa Aust, Malte Wilhelm