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Lecture series summer 2020

4 February 2020
Michael McCann (Washington)
The Many Faces of Strategic Litigation: Some Implications of Legal Mobilization Analysis

28 April 2020
Aude Lejeune (Lille), Julie Ringelheim (Louvain)
How NGOs turn to litigation: The varying paths towards judicial mobilization. A case study on NGOs combating discrimination in Belgium

5 May 2020
John und Jean Comaroff (Harvard)
On lawfare and strategic litigation

2 June 2020
Holly McCammon (Nashville, Law)
Legal Mobilization and Analogical Legal Framing: Feminist Litigators' Use of Race-Gender Analogies

7 July 2020
Daniel Loick (Berlin, Philosophy)
Was wir nicht nicht wollen können. Die Paradoxien der Rechte und politische Praxis