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Our academic team carries out comparative research into Polish, German and European private law. In this field we undertake numerous research projects and organize classes and collaborate with national and foreign partners. Moreover, we are active in the field of translating and reviewing academic papers as well as preparing legal opinions for Polish and German courts.

Our Chair specialises in the four main areas of Polish private law, i.e. property law (mortgage guarantee), contract law, law of succession and family law. The European private law, especially consumer law and harmonization measures also form great part of our area of interest.

Another field of our work is the international private law, with particular focus on international tort law, property law and inheritance law.

Moreover, the Chair makes a number of contributions within the field of Polish law including both the development of methodology in Polish private law and techniques of systematic case solving in Polish civil law. We are also active in the area of analysis methodology and application of foreign legal systems.

The learning process for students is enhanced through the effective use of the latest e-teaching methods. The results of our work include translated documents, publications and scientific reports.

Please explore our website to learn more about our fields of activity.