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Annual Conference of the German Law Schools


After the enourmous success of the 1. Annual Conference of the German Law Schools we are currently organising the succesor of the conference.The first Conference was the most successful meeting of law students from Germany ond Poland in 2011. We hope to realize the 2. Conference in March or April 2012.

The Conference aims at all students and alumni of the participating Law Schools, our sponsors and partners and everbody interessted in the legal relations between Germany and Poland. Furthermore are all invited to the conference who are interessted in European Community Law in generell.

The purpose of the Conference is the knowledge transfer and to show students possible profession in a legal context. Furthermore the German Law School shall use the Conferenz to engange in an dialogue.

We aim to organise a similiar programm to the 1. Conference, which will include lectures, workshops and a legal essay competition.


German and Polisch jurists will give lectures on current legal topics. The topics will include the Law of the European Community and the legal relation between Germany and Poland.


To achieve an effectiv knowledge transfer the programm will include a number of seminars on diffrent legal topic and legal professions.


During the gala the winners of the legal essay competition will receive their prizes. The details relating to the competition will be published alongside the official programm.