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Objective system of values as basis for the German Polisch dialogue


This project is a collaboration of the Chair of Polisch Public Law, the Chair of Human Rights at the University Warsaw and the Southeast Asian Centre for Public Policy and Good Governance. The projects is promoted by the German Polisch Science Trust.

In Germany and Poland basic rights are seen as a objectiv system of values. These fundamental rights are a fundamental decision, with an impact at every aspect of the legal system. These rights also effect the social and culteral development. Furthermore the objectiv system of values influence the economic and politic systems. The basic rights effect positivly the orientation of the states activities and the government.

This scientific project has a comparative approach on the basic rights in Germany and Poland. Smilliarities in both legal systems are leading to the assumption that these similarities are a fundamental part in the international dialogue of both countries.

The project applies the following scientific approach. The legal basics will be compared, based upon all available sources in the legal literature. This includes all relevant judgements by the Polish and German constitutional court and the European Court of Justice. The result of the research will be published.

The scientific discourse will be realised during a Summer School for junior scientists, in particular postgraduates. Furthermore the discourse will be extended during two conferences with the judges of the German and Polisch constitutinal court.

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