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Crossing Formal Borders

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A specific form of the dissolution of boundaries of work relationships is closely connected to changes that take place in social gender relations and roles: In most modern societies, work is organised in a way that does not take care work into consideration – with far-reaching repercussions on the gendered organisation and legal regulation of work. Thus, compatibility of gainful work and care work is a central issue in gender equality politics.

Research at the Center therefore asks how gainful work can be organised in a manner that guarantees equal opportunities and securities for single parents and other persons trying to live a career as well as care for others:

  • Anti-discrimination law, reasonable accommodation, inclusion
  • Paid work and employment in settings of care and households
  • Right to a self-determined work biography
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Labour law and social security regulation for transitions in a person's biography (becoming a parent, education/vocational training, transitions between different forms of work relationships, illness, disability, unemployment)