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The Center is home to a number of third-party-funded projects that work in close collaboration. Currently, funding is provided by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), Hans-Böckler-Foundation, and the Fritz Thyssen-Foundation.

You find a list of our current and past projects and more details here.

The interdisciplinarity of the projects is ensured through cooperations with researchers from social and cultural studies; junior researchers working for the specific projects come from different disciplines and work together on common research questions.

Members of the C*LLaS regularly attend meetings and conferences. Visiting researchers are always welcome. Please contact kocher(at)

Early career researchers

Young/early career researchers are actively involved in all of the Center's research projects. They take part in monthly workshops where questions regarding research and academic writing are discussed. Researchers and Ph.D. students also attend conferences together and collaborate on publications.

Events hosted by the Center are open to interested students. Furthermore, the Center promotes the comparative labour law seminar of the European Working Group on Labour Law which is organised by members of the law faculties at the Universites of Leicester (UK), Strasbourg (F), Utrecht (NL), Monte Cassino (I), Castilla La Mancha (E), and Poznań (P).

Network, Communication and Transfer

The Center regularly hosts scholarly talks as part of the “Research Factory“ event series of the Viadrina Center B/Orders in Motion.

C*LLaS contributes to the publication of the paper series [Arbeit | Grenze | Fluss], an interdisciplinary platform for discussion and sharing of work in progress in interdisciplinary labour research.

Together with the Legal Society Frankfurt (Oder) (Juristische Gesellschaft Frankfurt (Oder)) and the German Association of Labour Courts (Deutscher Arbeitsgerichtsverband), the Center organises biannual meetings for labour law practitioners (Ortstagung) where current issues in labour law are reviewed.