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Arriving by train

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  • Arriving from western, southern or northern Europe

If you plan to come to us by train, your way will probably lead via Berlin. The german capital is very well connected with every mayor city in Germany, such as Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart etc.

As well, there are (direct) train connections from other european capitals, such as Copenhagen (via Hamburg), Amsterdam, Brussels (via Cologne), Zurich, Prague or Budapest.

You will have to travel to the main station in Berlin, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Check your journey details at the website of the german railways company Deutsche Bahn.

Please note some general informations:

  • Travelling by train, you should consider to use either the Intercity-Express (the fastest high-class trains running between the biggest cities) or the Intercity / Eurocity categories. Local trains such as Regionalexpress and Regionalbahn are quite comfortable as well, but your journey will take a relatively long time and you will have to change trains quite often.

  • Using the trains in Germany is relatively expensive. Although, there is an early-bird fare, which means the earlier you book, the more money you will save.

  • For that reason, if you are searching for a connection from bigger german cities, check as well for flights with so called cheap airlines.

  • In our opinion, using the 1st class is not necessary at all.


At the Hauptbahnhof, please guide yourself to the upper platforms. The trains to Frankfurt (Oder) are usually departing from platform 11 or 12.

You should take the RegionalExpress 1 (RE 1), with destination to Frankfurt (Oder) or Eisenhüttenstadt. The trains depart every 30 minutes and the journey time will be about 1h20. Please make sure, that you leave the train at the (main) train station of Frankfurt (Oder), not (!!) at the stop "Frankfurt (Oder)-Rosengarten.


  • Arriving from eastern Europe

If you are travelling via the polish cities of Warsaw, Poznan or Gdansk you might use the Berlin-Gdansk-Express or the Berlin-Warsaw-Express which stops in Frankfurt (Oder). In this case, there is no need to travel via Berlin.

  • I arrived to Frankfurt (Oder). And now?

Once you arrived at the train station in Frankfurt (Oder), check our information on the bus connection to the accomodation in Slubice, Poland