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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, that the 22nd Summer Course (30.8 - 10.9.2021) will take place online only.

Q: As my mother tongue is not English I would have to provide proof of a sufficient proficiency in English. What do I need to provide?

A: Each participant has to be able to follow the lectures in English and active participation is required in seminar discussions. TOEFL or similar tests are not required but if you have results of these they will, of course, be accepted. The application should otherwise provide evidence of the level of English language knowledge, e.g. courses abroad, University degrees, supporting letters from language teachers, etc.

Q: Where can I obtain more information on the course?

A: The published webpages include all the relevant information concerning the course. Further information will be available for applicants once they are accepted into the course. If you have questions, please contact us via

Q: Could you give me the e-mail adresses of the participants?

A: For reasons of privacy, we cannot provide you with such information. However, you have the possibility to get in touch with the future and former participants of the Summer Course via our Facebook discussion group.

Q: How and where can I get the application form?

A: The application form is available here for non Viadrina students and here for Viadrina students and Erasmus. In case there are problems with printing or download of the Formular.doc or the Formular.pdf please contact the Administrator. We prefer to send the application form via electronic mail. In case you experience difficulties with this, please indicate it in your mail.

Q: What are the preconditions for the scholarship?

A: There are no rigid criteria for granting the scholarship. Nevertheless some brief indication of your financial circumstances and these of your family would allow us to assess your financial need. The scholarships are intended for undergraduate students, not for members of NGOs or other similar institutions.

Q: What will be covered by the scholarship?

A: The scholarship will cover the tution fee of 200€.