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Global Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Yearbook 2021

Global_Ethics_Umschlag ©Bartosz Jagura

The Yearbook 2021 for Global Ethics, Compliance & Integrity offers an upto- date overview of the recent and most significant developments in the interdisciplinary area of organizational Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Management.

The 2021 Yearbook focuses on (but is not limited to) integrity and ethics and consists of 40 highly valuable articles submitted by 55 experts. The authors include excellent ethics, compliance and integrity professionals, scholars and advisors from 20 different countries. As conceived, the publication offers exclusive insights both from practical and theoretical perspectives. This year’s edition consists of seven carefully arranged chapters dealing with governance and compliance management, integrity management, organizational ethics and culture, anti-bribery management, whistleblowing, the challenges of digitalization, and - last but not least - corporate incentives and sanctions. In each chapter, the yearbook provides a comprehensive range of views and expertise regarding Ethics, Compliance and Integrity in all kind of organizations.