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LL. M.
European Economic Law

Study plan

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The normal period of study for the master's program “European Economic Law” consists of two semesters. The program commences with the winter semester, respectively at the beginning of October, during which the students attend the mandatory courses of the four compulsory modules to an extent of 16 hours/week per semester. During the second semester the students attend the courses of the elective modules to an extent of 8 hours/week per semester. For each module the student has to undergo a module course assessment that will usually be carried in the form of a written examination of two to four hour’s length. In consultation with the particular lecturer, the terms of the module course assessment can be redefined alternatively in an oral examination or a written assignment (when appropriate in connection with a presentation).

Parallel to the second semester classes, the participants will predominantly prepare their master's thesis. After successful completion of each compulsory module, the participant is allowed to register for their master's thesis. In coordination with the program director, the topic of the master's thesis can be dispensed and supervised by each professor or lecturer that is working within the framework of the study program. The master's thesis has to prove that the aspirant is able to both work scientifically independently and to present his/her findings appropriately. The usual processing time of the master's thesis is 16 weeks. The master's thesis has to be written principally in German. With the consent of the supervisor, however, the master's thesis can also be written in English.
 Leistunghours per semesterECTSWorkload
Course of studies   24 62 1860
compulsory modules 16 32 960
elective modules 8 12 360
  Master's thesis   18 540

A transcript, detailing the performance of the compulsory and elective modules, as well as the result of the master's thesis will be delivered, which includes an overall grade in addition to the grading of the performance during the module course assessments. The overall grade will be determined by the average of the single weighted grades of each compulsory and elective module, and the double weighted grade of the master's thesis. Along with the transcript the successful aspirant will be bestowed a diploma supplement as well as a diploma, with which the academic degree of "Master of European Economic Law (LL.M.)” will be authenticated.