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Newsletter on current German and Polish judgements


The Chair of Polisch Public Law invites you to subscribe our Newsletter on current German and Polisch judgements. The Newsletter enables legal professionals to gain an effectiv access to the legal systems and the important judgements of Germany and Poland. Every two month the newsletter is published and covers the most important judgments in constituinal law, administrative law (notably commercial administrative law) and business law.


The newsletter is free of charge and can be unsubscribed at anytime. All judgments are elaborated in the same way to achieve an effective coverage. The judgements are introduced by the tenor and a summary of the circumstance. Furthermore the ratio decidendi is definded. In near future the newsletter will containe also reviews of judgements.

The concept of the newsletter ensures the accessibillity of the newsletter for all legal professionals. The newsletter is an instrument of the Chair of Polish Public Law to achieve the intention to increase the dialogue of the legal professionals in Germany and Poland and to stimiulate the understanding of the diffrent legal systems. Especially in the context of the European Union the newsletter provides an attractiv approach to get a comparison of Polish and German Law and to reserach further possibilities in a legal unification.


As an exemplary excerpt we provide the first German newsletter or the Polish version (january 2011).

Financial Backing

The newsletter receives financial backing from the Trust for German Polish collaboration.


We thank the the trust very much. The newsletter can only realised thanks to the backing by the Trust for German Polish collaboration.


Currently the newsletter is only published in German and Polish. If you want to subscribe the newsletter in English please contact us.