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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - LLM

Diploma and Certificate

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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

The full, three-semester LLM Program (equivalent to 90 ECTS) offers a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of the subject concerned. However, in some professional situations the opportunity or the need to undertake postgraduate study may be limited. For some participants the need to engage in postgraduate study may be restricted to obtaining either a broad understanding of the field or to focussing on very specific subject matter. In still other cases the demands of professional life may allow only shorter periods of study for obtaining a postgraduate qualification. For all these reasons, our postgraduate program also includes the possibility of the award of either a Diploma or Certificate in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law based on shorter periods of coursework study.

The Diploma can be awarded after successfully undertaking coursework (equivalent to 60 ECTS), the Certificate after undertaking coursework (equivalent to 30 ECTS). In either case the participant’s study program must be approved by the Academic Board.

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