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Bild Art and Criminal Law_rechts ©LS Scheffler Peggy Zimmer
The exhibition "Art and Criminal Law" was conceived in 2013. It is based on an initiative of Professor Scheffler and the circle of his academic assistants, who jointly created it.
The exhibition opened up a good opportunity to present some texts from an extensive scientific reading book on the subject of "Art and Criminal Law" in advance. Because on the exhibition boards many aspects can naturally only be touched upon and not illuminated in full depth.
What the texts have in common is that they each focus on a "case", which does not necessarily have to have written legal history, perhaps did not even occupy the courts, in the most vivid and reader-friendly form possible.
In short, the texts will hopefully appeal not only to (prospective) lawyers, but also to cultural scientists - and all those interested in science and culture in general.

Bild_Art and Criminal LawmR ©Uwe Scheffler / Peggy Zimmer

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