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Hereunder we provide links to important European and International Human Rights Handbooks

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Publications of the Council of Europe’s Directorate General  of Human Rights and Rule of Law


The “Human rights files” series is aimed at specialists in European law: lawyers, practitioners and research students. It also constitutes a useful resource for the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the signatory states


Written by experts in the field, each handbook deals with one aspect of the European Convention on Human Rights or its protocols. They were written with legal practitioners, and particularly judges, in mind, but are accessible also to other interested readers.


  • Execution of judgments of the Court

Annuals Reports on the Execution of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (CM-EXEC)


Published 3 times a year, the "Bulletin" is an update on human rights activities within the Council of Europe


This document describes the way in which the Council of Europe mechanisms pertaining to human rights and rule of law have worked towards definite improvements in legislation, practice and the situation of individuals in the member states.


This handbook is intended to assist judges, lawyers and prosecutors to take account of the many requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights - both explicit and implicit - for the criminal process when interpreting and applying Codes of Criminal Procedure and comparable or related legislation.


Human rights and the fight against terrorism

The guidelines affirm states’obligation to protect everyone against terrorism, and reiterate the need to avoid arbitrariness. The legal framework set out in the guidelines concerns, in particular, the collecting and processing of personal data, measures which interfere with privacy, arrest, police custody and pre-trial detention, legal proceedings, extradition and compensation of victims.



The Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria is intended mainly for lawyers who wish to bring a case before the Court. It describes the conditions of admissibility which an application must meet.


  • Handbook on European Non-Discrimination Law

This handbook, published jointly by the Court and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), is the first comprehensive guide to European non-discrimination law. It is available in more than 20 languages. The first case-law update of the handbook covers the period from July 2010 until December 2011.


This monthly publication contains summaries of cases (judgments, admissibility decisions, communicated cases and cases pending before the Grand Chamber) considered to be of particular interest. Each summary has a headnote and is classified by the Convention Article(s) to which the case relates and by keywords.



  • International Handbooks




























Publications of the  Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)


Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets provide information on a wide range of human rights subjects. By researching and focusing on an issue, a Fact Sheet helps readers understand human rights and related topics, and the international machinery that has been established to promote and protect them.


Special Issues

Special Issues explore selected subjects in greater depth. The subjects are chosen in the light of their topicality, urgency and recent developments that have led to a change of perspective or emphasis.


Reference Materials

Reference Materials give researchers and human rights law practitioners access to key human rights instruments and other essential information. These materials also include jurisprudence from human rights treaty bodies.


Training and Education Materials

Training and Educational Materials consist of guides, manuals and handbooks for indigenous peoples, minorities, professional groups (e.g. police, prison officials, judges, parliamentarians, human rights monitors, election monitors and social workers) and educational institutions.


Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme

Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme materials aim to inform the general public about United Nations human rights work. They provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about the United Nations human rights programme as well as information on how to use the system to address human rights violations.


OHCHR Archives

OHCHR Archives is a collection of OHCHR materials that were published a number of years ago and whose contents remain available for historical reference purposes.