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European Social Charter

This section concerning the European Social Charter is divided in the following subsections:


 this section you will find information on the Convention, its Protocols, Reference Texts and Landmark Events.

This sector consist out of factsheets concerning the rights and liberties protected by the European Social Charter. The factsheets are categorizised by theme.

This sector consist out several press country profiles which indicate a short profile (including ratification, the charter in domestic law and reports), following the situation of the respective country with respect to the application of the Revised Charter and cases of non-compliance.

This sector consist out the national reports send in by the countries for the reporting procedure of the European Social Charter. Besides the national reports send in by the states, the conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights are given. The European Committee of Social Rights examines the reports and decides whether or not the situations in the countries concerned are in conformity with the European Social Charter. Its decisions, known as “conclusions”, are published every year.